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rain delay

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we had great rain yesterday.
i mean... all day... rain!
loved every minute of it.
absolutely pouring at times.
lightning... thunder... the whole bit.
and boy howdy... the area sure can use lots of it.

picking out the stone the other day...
was a mix of "oh i think this is it" to everything beginning to look the same.
 some good things...
i did find a trend in my likes...
it sure was fun...
and i have a picture in my head of how i want it to be.
just have to get there.
put all the pieces together.
thank goodness i have a designer for a sister & a cousin who's taste rocks!
they both have been so helpful.
they're going to be sO tired of me!

for some reason i look like i was grimacing in that pic...
must be the lovely flattering angle... ha... anywho...
far from it... i was in a happy maze.

to our surprise...
they started clearing the lot early!
which worked out sO great with all the rain we got.
gave us a step forward in exchange for the step backward... from all the rain.
bound to happen.
we'll need to wait a few days til the lot is dry... dry... before the pad can be poured.
that's ok though!
it will give me more time to obsess over the floor plug placement!

btw... i love "had to have it tuesday"... hope you do too?!
i'm not dropping it... just so happened the last couple of weeks i missed it.

hoping this finds you having a good... no... great one!