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pinch me...

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somebody please pinch me.
i caught myself a few times yesterday asking "is this really FINALLY happening"?

i will not bore you with all the details... i'll just say it's been loco!
the stumbling blocks we encountered... there were many & they were big.

i am so glad we were determined...
 to see this through.
so thankful God gave us the strength!

i drove up to the lot yesterday morning to find them tagging the trees!
they're tagging the trees!!!!!
that only means one thing...
that lot is about to be cleared & prepped for foundation!

it makes my heart skip.
puts a lump in my throat.
that something tangible is finally taking place.

thank you pretty pines for watching over... shading... our special spot.
we promise you'll be used for good things.

oh boy... i never thought i'd be so happy to see big 'ol tractors... chainsaws and such!
bring 'em on.
start 'em up.
let them cut... dig & prep.

thanking yall in advance...
i have a feeling i'll be blabbering lots... sharing oodles... as our home takes shape.

hoping that today finds you with a smile on your face too!