brown eyed fox

well... hello...

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if you're reading this... thank you!
it means a lot to know you came back...
to see if the crazy lady was going to ever post again!  :)

i'm here.
been spending crazy amounts of time in my car.
filled up my tank three times this week!
that't nuts.
oh my goodness...
it is certainly one of the big changes coming back to houston...
the traffic and the sheer size of the city.

 i've been odsessing about the exterior finishes on the house.
oh my word.
i have to say... s.c.a.r.y!
obsessing and yet having fun all at the same time.

met with the company that will be making our front door.
i think i'm going to love it.
hoping to have a cad drawing of it today... that should be neat.

i've also been eating like the food i'm putting in my mouth contains no calories.
what so ever.
i think i'm a stress eater.
yes... think so.
i have to say... i've been so torn lately... with my blog.
 what to share... what not to share.
 it used to be i had so much i wanted to show and tell.
never knew how much being in this gloomy apt was going to affect me.
 and my blog.

going to continue though...
 it's where i am right now after all.
where my life is.
where my feet are planted.
and you know... it may be a bit different than i thought... would have expected...
it is a gift and blessing just the same.

i'm pretty darn excited it's friday.
not having to set the alarm tomorrow morning... ohhhh... yes!
getting to sit & sip... instead of rushing out the door.
hoping you're giddy too.
that your weekend holds just what you need too.