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i can think now

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i have been half-functioning.
migraine mama over here!
this last week it would hit me by noon...
and wouldn't leave.
at all.
every day!
not what i expected.
yesterday i came out of the fog... oh... i felt so much better!
needless to say... i am behind.
and i'm ReAlly behind on messages... getting back to your sweet emails/questions.
hang on!
will do my best to hop back on and get to it right away.
 either via email reply or post.
thank you for understanding!

my little sidekick... she loves to ride & go pick up the girls from school.
watches & watches for them.
hops in their laps the minute they're in the car!
they get such a kick out of it... love her excitement to see them!
she's been right by me all week...
i think she knew my head felt like it was going to explode.
or i was going to put it in a vise.

i will be packing my bags today too!
oh yesssss!
a little get away with the hubby... and fourteen of our friends!
i'm pretty darn excited!
any guesses where we're headed?

haven't packed yet.
have crazy amounts of things to do.
you know... that crazy day before dash of oodles of this n that.
that must be done!
where to even start.
making sure all the while not to forget my brows wax at 1:00.
this is a must!
you should see them!
it's all good...
a blessing to greet the morning clear headed and prepare for a fun trip.
better brew the revv this morning!
gonna need that extra bit of umph!

sure hope your day is simply... fabulousO!