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hAppY fRiDaY...

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easy peasy and yummmmmo!

there are oodles of variations of these but...
this time we gathered up the crosshatch pretzels... some rolos...
almond joy pieces (oh how i love coconut)... and some mini m&m's for fun.

we plopped the rolos atop the pretels... popped 'em in the oven...oh about 350...
til the markings on the rolos disappeared (seems to be the right melting/softness)...

then pulled 'em out and gave 'em a little dot.
we did some pieces... some m&m's.
we voted the almond joy dot our favorite...
liked the coconutty surprise taste at the end.
the possibilities are so endless with these.
there are so many fun candies down that isle!
and oh the color coordinating fun one could have!
 next time... i'm going for a peanut m&m on top!
have that peanutty surprise taste at the end. 

you know... they make really fun eyes googles eyes too!

hoping today finds you just as bright eyed & bushy tailed.
that your weekend is loaded with little tasty surprises too!
♥ + hugs