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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox53 Comments

i am sure i have talked about our last deck of conversion cards.
sure of it!
since the girls are crazy for them!
it's a box they have always reached for at dinner time.

when i saw this new set... i knew... we had to have it!

it's called TABLETOPICS!
i have to say... even though i loved our last set... it wasn't near as cute as this one!
i was drawn to it's a crisp clear box!
pretty on it's own!
especially with the bright apple green colored cards peeking through.
who doesn't need a fun pop of green around!

the cards inside are loaded with questions for your all too eager family.
to stir up a good dose of sharing...
and some really interesting & fun answers!

even though it's called TABLETOPICS... i can say from experience...
it sure makes a great car game!
it's fun for parties... make sure to check out their dinner party set!
and perfect for gift giving!
the possibilities are endless... any age... any group... they have so many neat sets.

and because we love our box SO much...
know you will too...
i want to give a family box away!
YEP... i have an extra pretty set all ready to go!

all you have to do is JOIN IN!
just play along!

i pulled out a random question.
just SHARE YOUR ANSWER... by leaving comment below...
and i'll enter your name in the random drawing.

come on!
can't wait to hear your answer
one of you will be getting a box of your own!

no doubt my answer has to be teepee.
no way no how... a boat... just saw shark week.
a tree wouldn't work... i'd have to climb down just to use the potty.
and an igloo... i like idea because i dO love it ice cold when i sleep but...
again the potty thing... ice toilet?... no thanks!  :O)