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afternoon at 242

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we got to go see our friends a few weeks back in corpus christi...
Oh mY wOrd... the fun we had!
we crammed lOts of good into a short weekend.
way too many laughs to count.

of course with them living out on the island... the beach was in order.

don't you remember doing that as a kid!
trying to beat those waves!

one thing we couldn't get over were ALL the pelicans!
they were everywhere!
they have increased in number since we were little & lived there.
it was sO neat!


couldn't resist posting these!
lil bit wanted to throw sand balls at other peolple but...
did NOT want them thrown at her.
little turkey!

todd and stephen and holley even set out on the catamaran.
you talk about hOg heaven!
todd... my hubby... was born part water boy... so any chance...
he is like a kid at Christmas!
they saw lots of dolphin while out too!
needless to say... there is NO way on this earth i would have gone out there!
i was born all land lover!

she has the best smile!

silly pic but... i love it because... that's basically how we are.
when you know someone for almost 35 years... it gets silly!

and what a blessing to see our girls continue the tradition.

ohhhh... i love this.
when i took it... of course being in the bright of the day and not able to really see...
neat to find out he had a fish.
wonder if he ended up sharing with his friend there?

lil bit hunted most of the afternoon for shells.
faithful and determined.

i could nOt believe my eyes when she walked up with a sand dollar!
if you know padre... you know they're not exactly easy to find!
she was sO excited!

sUch a great afternoon it was at marker 242!

happy friday!
here's to it!
and...... here's to cramming in lots of silly this weekend!