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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox8 Comments

since i woke up with a big 'ol itch to go to my favorite place back in casper...
i thought... what better...
than to share a place i ALWAYS managed to find something... i simply had to have.

a quirky... fun... ultra welcoming shop... situated on a quiet street near downtown.
fields creek 104.
the owner sharon is simply awesome!
i love her!
oh and her husband he's a hoot!
she has an incredible knack for picking out and creating fun!
not to mention she is an amazing artist!
one of those people you come across and they just ooze creativity.

she carries a mix of new things packed with personality & old things still singing cool!
from furniture to gifts...
personal accessories (you should see the neat lace scarf i picked up)...
one of a kind baby gifts... to unique hostess gifts... she makes a point to carry the best!
one thing i always loved... my bag of goodies and i always smelled great when we left...
thanks to all her yummy lines of smell goods.

ya know... i still have a thing for that donkey!

she has a ginormous green thumb!
could grow anything in the crazy harsh climate of wyoming... she just gets it!

have you seen those wall planter pockets?
so neat!

i really loved the jewelry by jessica mcclure... little eclectic & colorful baubles!

i am kicking myself now for not getting that cute vintage space heater.
what was i thinking?
certain i could have found a use and spot!

i did however... grab that red metal tub.
of course!
should be fun once we're able to get our things out of storage...
then i can find just the spot!

the girls always wondered if there really were explosives back there.
too cute!
behind the main house... which is a really cool older home they renovated...
is yet another glass enclosed cottage space full of more finds.

from her lighting to her hardware i go gah-gah!
simply crazy for all she has done to create such a special place.
all too many neat details and ideas flowing through there.

and flying pigs!

oh goodness... wish i could walk through fields creek's door today.
if you're in the area... do... you must... swing by... you love'll it too!
and tell sharon i said hi okay!