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every step counts

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oh my goodness... is your to do list ten miles long too?
it's that time of year...
it feels like it keeps growing.

you should have seen us yesterday running all about town...
in the 104 (literal) temp day...
trying to find some of the crazy things on the girl's school supply list!
50ct "bright blue" 12x18 construction paper... is HARD to find!
funny thing... we found the "raspberry" and "pink" on the list!
fortunately we have half the list accomplished...
only half to go.

we'll be tackling that and more on that growing to do today.
with slushies in hand this time!

on the house...
we've made some progress... i think i mentioned that before.
right now we're sort of at a stage of one step forward... two steps back.
well it feels that way.
a delay.
a "we're still waiting on this".
"we'll know more next week"
days... weeks... they've been rolling by!
it's been a bit disappointing.
i never would have guessed we'd be back to school...
before we had even broken ground on the house.

 i am confident that even the steps backwards will be worth it in the end!

it's always so great how you can look back on something
and clearly see that it unfolded just like it needed.
love that!

i really can't wait to show yall the floor plan...
just making sure we have two thumbs up first... you know.
gotta be this week!

hoping your day is unfolding like you need...
and that your to do's are getting big 'ol check marks too.