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hAppY fRiDaY

smilingcarissa fox4 Comments

oh YES!
i am thinking thumbs for sure!

it hit me... like monday... of THIS week... that school is here!
right at the back door.
only ONE week left and it's RING A DING time!

i frankly have no idea where in the world this summer went.
it feels surreal!
i think it melted away from the texas heat!
or dried up!

anyway you look at it though...
it's that time again!

we're not quite ready yet.
still have the school supplies to get...
lots of this and that.
and believe it or not... we still have to register.
we have come down to the wire with the build contract.
long story... won't bore you but...
the apartment is a different school "zone" than the new house...
needless to say...
we've been doing all we can to get them in the new house school.
couldn't imagine having to pull them out and change them mid year.
i think they've changed enough!

should be a fun week ahead though!
lots of "new" coming.
the girls are really looking forward to open house/meet the teacher!
i have to be honest...
though it is exciting... this next phase...
in my heart i really wish we were still in casper...
gearing up to go back & see everyone.
now THAT would be fun!
and such a comfort!
we're sure going to miss seeing everyone!

back to the thumbs up...
oh and...... i threw in a silly face too......
it's fRiDaY !

before we don those backpacks...
set those early morning alarms...
and get too freaked out (yes i am a bit)...
we've got to squeeze out a bit more summer!