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we didn't fall off the earth

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my goodness... the last almost two months (what!) totally took me by surprise.
and in more ways than one!
i had NO intention of dropping the ball on the blog.
as a matter of fact... i wanted to cover every moment of our move to texas.
document and share the adventure along the way.

well...... the moments of the move... of it all really... they got the best of me.
i can't explain it...
can just say that i found myself needing some time.

i received all your sweet messages... many so kind... they brought tears.
gave me just the hug i needed.
thank you.
SO much!

the day the truck pulled up in casper it hit me.
all of us really.
none of it had seemed real up to that point.
you'd think since we had faced moving before... lots actually... we'd be prepared.
not so much.

it all went too fast.
our time in wyoming.
it felt like we had just arrived.
and we were now leaving!

once the truck drove away...
and there we were in the empty house...
it was SAD!

we walked around shaking our heads in disbelief.

it all felt like too much.

riley had "a moment" that was gut wrenching.
she simply did not know how to handle her sadness.

and the look on campbell's face.
bless her heart.
we knew but...
she was so brave for her little sis.

todd & i walked the house together.
how we loved that house.
the memories.
the friends we had made while there.
we wanted to stamp it all once more in our minds and hearts.

and to all our friends back in casper...
we miss you!
we love you!
we thank you...
for making our last days and our time in wyoming so special.
you wrapped us in love from day one and we will forever be grateful!

while taking pics of the awesome sunset and scenery as we headed south...
like a message from above... it came into focus.
a precious reminder.
casper may seem far... the miles may be long but...
we can still keep it close.
SO thankful for that!

now in texas...
we're slowing but surely making our way.
this has been a big change.
good... just big.

looking forward to sharing more of all that's been happening.
and catching up on all i have "neglected".
hugs... big ones... to you!
hope this finds you gearing up for a great fun summer weekend.