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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox6 Comments

so we're in the thick of getting things organized for the move.
things for us to take... so the packers don't pack it & place it in storage.
things we need to ship... cause we'll be needing them before the house is complete.
things that are too sentimental to send or pack... that will go in the car with us.
clothes and just day to day things we'll need too.
yadda... yadda.
you know.

i was pulling down some bins... where i keep a few keepsakes...
and lil bit spied something that caught her eye immediately.
i was sure she had seen it before.
maybe not.
or maybe it just didn't "click" with her then.

she literally swooped her up saying "she's MINE" and ran off with her.

it sort of resembles what it once was.
it was my mouse when i was little girl.
good grief... that mouse is OLD!

she's named her cheddar...
and has hardly put her down since!

the fact that she has no tail... has lost her color... and i think once had eyes...
just doesn't seem to matter.

one of those silly...
can't be explained... unconditional... happy heart... had to have it things.
the best kind!