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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox4 Comments

i can imagine i have posted many times before about my slight obsession with baskets.
especially the metal ones.
they always seem to catch my eye.
jump out at me.
"look over here... see me... see me"...
and the fact that the possibilities are endless with what you can put in 'em...
how can you not be a little obsessed?

from tp to magazines...
towels to flip flops...
craft goodies to picnic lunches...
you name it... it can hold it!

when i saw this one... in all it's milk basket glory with gauge and all...
at one of my favorite vintage hot spots... vintage jane...
i knew i needed scoop it up!

i have many but... for some reason i am partial to this one.
something about her shape!
her handle.
she just makes me happy!
currently she's holding scratch pads in my studio space.
i think she's perfect there!
realizing yet again i am fondly referring to an object like it's a person!
anywho... i can only imagine where she will end up in the new house.
oh the fun that will be!
do you have a favorite basket/metal crate too...
one you especially love?
one you knew you had to have when you saw it?
what's in it?

when you peek over at vintage jane...
please someone... scoop up that all TOO fun truck... before i must!  :O)

hope this finds you having an all together AwEsOmE day!