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hi yall!
how's this thursday treating you?
well... i sure hope good... even better... great!

i can hardly believe that the final school bell of the year is about to ring!
are yall just as shocked?
every year it feels like this but...... still it takes me by surprise just the same!
this year has been such a biggie it seems...
lots of learning... lOts of growth!
mentally and physically!
it's certainly been a year of big stretching!
i am so happy & proud to see how the girls have bloomed!
i wish i could fly their teachers to hawaii for a much deserved vacation!
school for us is out May 27th... what about yall... when does your summer kick off?

i called a groomer the other day... gretel looks a MESS...
lady - "um no our groomer left us about two weeks ago"
me - "oh goodness sorry to hear that... can you recommend someone... a place"
lady - "you could go to xyz"
me - "great... thanks"
lady - "just be aware the girl over there is really good but...
she tends to rush and cut the dogs...
kind of gets in a hurry... you know...
i don't think i would go there... but...
don't get me wrong she is good at what she does
me - "okaaaay (totally & utterly confused)"
alrighty then... needless to say... gretel still looks a mess!

have you seen that show extreme couponing?
have you seen that show hoarders?
isn't it in a way... the same thing?  :O)
i did see one lady donates some of her things... to shelters... that's awesome!
really great!!!
but... i mean really... some of the stuff they are piling up...
by the time they get to it... it will be gross... outdated... plain bad!
call me crazy... i'm all for finding a deal... no doubt but... that seems odd...

we just turned our a/c on for the first time of the season last week.
can you believe?
being a texas gal that just blows my mind!
of course it has since been turned off.
hasn't quite decided to be warm up enough here yet.
i think it's 44 degrees out there right now!
feels much colder in my opinion... i'll have you know... i just turned on the fire!
we kind of keep going back and forth...
one day the high will be 65 (love that)... and the next 45...
that's spring for ya!
with us making the trek to texas soon...
i think we won't have too much trouble thawing out!
and fast.
i hear it's down right hot there already!

which reminds me...
have you been able to find a swimsuit this season?
good grief... who makes these things?
i've ordered more than fifteen online...
kid you not... and had to send 'em all back.
close to throwing in the towel on the whole thing... yep.
i'll be the gal in the six year old...
all stretched out... no support what so ever left in it... stand by... suit.

currently up to my eyeballs in things i need to get done...
i might be short but... anytime it reaches the eyeballs... not good.
i can imagine just like you... it's a crazy time!
better get back to it... back to checking things off!
big 'ol hugs to you!