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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox7 Comments

a few months ago i was in search of a fun pair.
i really wanted something big...
and something that had that pop factor.
the minute i saw these... i KNEW they were perfect!

i simply adore them!

they're made of wood!
 can you believe!
really delicate... super lightweight... and i have to say... wAy fun to wear!

i think they are simply perfect for the summer ahead!
crisp... fresh and packed with the perfect amount of hip!

i found them at water horse studios...
yet another gem of an etsy shop!
i tell ya... the talent in people never ceases to amaze me!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

wait... before you shoo... i have to say...
yall are SO much fun!
thAnK yOu...
for playing along last week!
your comments made me smile and made me laugh!
those napkins are great aren't they!
that sasha is something else!

the winner of the drawing...
and her all too fun EAT napkins...

" Technically I don't NEED them, however WANT them, O Yes, Yes, I Do!
Why, because they are fun, and fun, well it's good for the soul."

give me a shout here with your address and i'll get those pretties flying your way!

yall make sure to stay tuned...
you never know what tuesday will bring another giveaway!