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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox5 Comments

it looked so pretty there peeking out of my bag.
i have always adored it's color & pop of fun pattern.
how it makes the inside of my bag come alive.

it holds lots of things for me...
always gum... always lipstick.

i love how i can even throw my phone and id in... and it's my clutch for the night.
with it's too clever jute webbing strap.
it's the perfect thing... perfect pop of color for my staple solid attire.

i think they make such a great gift too!
who doesn't love a fun new wristlet!
her shop is called Drika B...
you should sneak over and take a peek.
btw... she not only has these... all too many great uses... wristlets but...
other totes and pouches... and a really great weekender bag too!
i've had my Drika B bag for two and a half years now...
wow that went by really fast... wow...
and it still looks as great as it did the day it arrived.
still brings me a smile!

kicking this off today...
and looking forward to sharing every tuesday.
thought it might be fun!
to share things... i've found...
that caught my eye...
things that we gave as gifts...
things that made me say out loud "that is SO neat"
and some things i simply... had to have.