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wind... snow... angel food... and the door

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this weekend was a bit on the windy side... well saturday was.
i love how on the local news when they say...
"50 to 65 mph gusts are expected"...
they say it in such a matter of fact way.
i tell ya... all those from here... who have visited... know the crazy i talk about!
then on sunday...
we woke up to this!
yep... frozen spring "showers".

made we laugh when lil bit woke up and said "you've got to be kidding me"!
she said that!
in her morning groggy glance out the window.
it was a surprise yes but... i admit... once again i thought it was pretty!
i don't think it will be the last of it this spring but... it is weaning away...
so i say fall if you must... soon you'll have to give way.

of course the weather outside meant we had to make cupcakes.
we went with angel food cake since we had lots of strawberries.
ohhhhh... they were good.
light & fluffy & good in the belly.
campbell likes to try to imitate dc cupcake's signature swirl.
she loves that show!
and often dreams up what her cupcake shop will be called one day!

i was new house occupied this weekend.
since we had to get plan changes to him by this morning...
my head was spinning for sure!
one of the things that has me currently stumped...
is whether to have an entry door with sidelights or not!
you know... the fixed side windows... flanking the door...
most often on both sides... sometimes just on one side.
because it's "structural" ie... part of framing...
and obviously part of the final elevation drawing... i need to make a darn decision.
for me personally... my gut... generally always leans towards no sidelights...
i simply prefer that look.
oh let me mention something... because many of my friends have mentioned it...
the hubby will not do double doors.
so single or single with sidelights it is.

the great thing about building...
we both know much of what we want... have acquired our personal taste by now.
but this door thing...
i have a thing for doors!
and since of course the front is so important...
it has be upside down!
i feel like i almost have to find the door i want... you know?
or at least close!
i have only found one that i think i might like with sidelights...
all the others... single.
my gut says listen... but...
currently he has sidelights drawn in... so he must think they're a good idea.
this is where that "this is your home... do what you want" comes in.
what if i make the wrong decision?
do single and i should have used sidelights?
then i think... can it really matter that much?
sure it will allow more light in the entry with the side windows but...
the entry door will have glass... so that will bring in light.
i toss and turn!
second guess myself.
i know i need to just go one way or the other.
make a decision.
take the leap.
it has me upside down!

i'll sneak back on today and show you the door i want!
can't seem to find it but... am still hunting!
looking for it... or something similar.

so spill your beans.
share your thoughts!
i'd love to hear if you lean one way or the other.
it will help me... i just know it.
thanks for sharing!

i will try to convince myself that going with my gut...
doing what i have always thought i would do...
is probably what i should do.

but then... what if...
oh good grief!

happy monday yall!
here's to taking a leaping jump... into this fresh new week!