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his name is sergey...

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i got an email from a friend the other day...
she inspires me so much... with her spirit... her drive...
and her desire to reach out and help.

she told me about a family and their little boy named sergey.
asked if i could help spread the word about this sweet boy.
without a question!

and then to see his precious face!
this amazing family is adopting Sergey through Reece's Rainbow.

the cost of adopting from eastern Europe is quite high...
and there is much involved.
while the family is working really hard... 
doing all that they can...
danielle is having a fundraiser to help in getting sergey home!
what a great idea!
i can only imagine the heartache... the desire to move things along.
just wait til you see the outburst of support...
and the prizes that have been donated.
sO great to see people come together for something sO awesome!

i am so taken by the calling of adoption.
always have been.
how it is placed on ones heart.
bringing a child home... making a family... to give them the love they so deserve.
it's an act of love like no other.

i would love it if you'd visit the family’s blog... Loving Every Moment.
read their story.
and you should read this too... so great courtney!
and if you can... if you feel it on your heart like i did... donate.
there really is nothing better than giving!
and by all means... spread the word too.

it's dreaming BIG time!
thanks meg for sharing...
it sure feels good... what a gift...
to be able to have a small hand in helping such a special family.
thanks yall!