brown eyed fox

she's got heart

smilingcarissa fox10 Comments

"mom... ya KNOW i've got a heart on my toe"!

do you see it?
that tiny little thing there?
it's all that's left on those toes we painted some time ago.
i think it is pretty neat!
a coincidence... YES of course... but... here's my but...
i like to think of it as more than that too.
i knoooooow... i'm a loon!

it's a shot of goodness for her soul.
a silly quirk that says... you're loved.
a nod... a whisper... a wonder.
that funny little piece of heart shaped polish... that hung in there...
thank you!
for making her smile.
making her laugh.
for giving her a hug!

ahhhh... it's the little things that make the world go round isn't it.