brown eyed fox

good morning

smilingcarissa fox6 Comments

one of my favorite things of spring and summer...
well... more like a love/hate...
is how it is still dark when we get up in the morning.
the sun is yet to rise and the world still seems a hush.

there is a quiet peace and a feeling of awakening.
as the sun begins to peek through all the windows it stirs my spirit.
lifts my expectations.
it brings such a hope doesn't it?

this morning after grabbing my cup of get up & go...
i headed back to the one room in the house with the lights on.
as i sit here now... thinking about the day before me...
the sun... that morning sun... now pouring in the windows...
reminds me of it's promise yet again.
it will be there to light the way...
bring hope and clarity as we face our day.
allow us a fresh start and new chance to grab a hold.
i love it's promise.
it's unwavering commitment to always be there.
rise and bring anew.

here's to today and all those things getting checked off the 'ol to do list.
making the most while the sun shows her pretty face!