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stopped by my favorite shop the other day.
a place filled to the brim with happy.
treasures around every corner.
takes a few times through just to see everything.
you know the ones.
there's simply too much good to see!
i tell ya... this small town is lucky to have her.
next time... i'm taking along my canon!

she had four of them... all with a unique age & finish...
all made from warm salvaged wood.
for some reason this one jumped out at me.
i think it was the creamy aged butter yellow.
that and... she smiled at me!

it... she... was a bench i had to have!

oh the places she can go too!
the possibilities!
at five & a half feet long & perfect sitting height...
she will be such a fun piece to have around.
right now she's perched at the foot of the bed in our guest room...
all ready to hold the luggage of our visitors.
so come on... she's waiting!

once we settle in houston...
it'll be neat to see where she winds up.
where her personality finds home.

for now...
she'll keep our guest room company... give it a pop of fun.
and ya never know...
maybe she'll be just the thing that will make someone say...
"let's make an offer on THAT house"!  :O)

here's to friday!
it's here!
and here's to big smiles!
may our cheeks hurt from too much of that grinning good stuff!