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i am having silly insomnia again.
it's been a good week since i've even gotten a couple hours straight of sleep.
zombie women walking.

i hate to judge... not my job...
and here's the but...
what ARE those ridiculous stickers you see on vehicles...
you know the lady without clothes and she has wings?
it's just i've been seeing them so much lately.
always wonder WHO is driving that truck?
do they have children?
how do they explain it?
the objectification?
and then when i see a woman behind the wheel... i really get confused!
i do not get it!
do NOT understand.

i have been forgetting lots of things lately.
one thing... i all of a sudden forgot my debit card password.
like poof it was gone!
been using it for years too!
not sure how that happens!
i could NOT recall it at all.
had to go into the bank finally and reset it...
all the while i think the gal behind the counter thought i was a crazy OLD lady!

i know what you're thinking...
good grief girl put on some makeup... do your hair... don something cute!
at least photoshop yourself!
i know that's what i'm thinking!
lately... it's been my uniform.
the casual bleh look.
i PROMISE... pinky swear...
that if someone would PLEASE turn me in for "what not to wear"...
i will look surprised!
i could be the mom in a rut who's been dressing like a frump...
and needs a big kick in the rear!

speaking of old lady... in a rut...
i sound like a crabby one too!

we are at step two of our home sketch/design.
went back to the designer with some changes & thoughts.
once we get the next set of prints back... check off on it all...
we move onto electrical & plumbing i think... if i remember right.  :O)
i'll share some of it once we get the prints if you'd like.
which reminds me.
would love to get my fb page kicked off.
and then if you "like me" i can pick your brain along the way.
that would be GREAT!
would LOVE that!
get your thoughts & ideas.
i'll holler when i get it going.

cried my eyes out last night watching biggest loser.
do you watch?
they sure seem like a great group of people.
such big hearts!
neat to see the team bond they have built.
they are conquering SO much together... and yet... so much for themselves!
love that show!

report cards came out last week...
and the girls did great!
straight A's from big sis!
and lil bit kindergartner... who is turning out to be quite the reader... is shining too!
SO proud & SO happy for both of them! 
they were so excited... all smiles... to hear how they are learning & growing!
isn't it so amazing the ability & desire in our little ones?
they have so much potential... so much greatness... in their little bodies & hearts!
off to make some calls... run some errands...
and RESCHEDULE the hair appointment i FORGOT!