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girls in the house

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her happy face!
they both wore happy faces actually... on our visit to houston.
it was such a great time!
really busy and on the go and yet... we were all really content.
it felt comfortable & familiar.
as a matter of fact i only got lost/turned around once!
which btw... thanks to my friend sophi...
she let the girls and i borrow a car for the week!
that sure helped oodles... to say the least.

we all got to see our temporary apartment too.
my impressions...
it's in a good location... lots near.
i get to pull into a garage... makes me feel safe.
the furnished furniture... some of it... is not awful.
the people upstairs sure walk heavy!
it's small... or will feel that way i can imagine after we're there a few months.
but all and all...
it's a blessing!!!
we're lucky to have it!
and... we'll all get to be together there while our house is being built.

the first thing on the girls agenda well... as far as food goes...
yet again... yep... chick-fil-a.
with casper lacking the chicken nugget haven... they had to have it!
that... and lubys!  :O)
they ARE easy to please!

we needed to do some shopping too.
the girls didn't have any bedding... and let me tell you...
things were bare at the apartment!
no dishes... cooking utensils of any kind... no vacuum (horrors)...
only one roll of tp (hello three girls now in the house)... NO coffee maker!...
no trash cans... no dish soap... well put it this way...
not a lot... and no fluff (you know... homey stuff).  :O)
not to mention...
all that the hubby had in the fridge was... sprite... beer and salsa!
what is that!
poor guy!
i'd say he's been eating out... ya think!

i think when we walked into home goods i did a little "joyful sigh"!
i DO love that place!
that and
we hit some other "treasures can be found there you just have to look" favorites...
tj maxx and marshalls.

not wanting to spend a lot on things
and keeping in mind that i'd like to be able to use it still once we're in the house.
we hunted.
as far as the girls room...
of course as always... i went with white sheets...
super soft... 400 ct egyptian cotton.
good sheets are a must!
found a pair of fun cynthia rowley quilts for 29 each!
shams lil bit really loved for 19. a piece!
a really large lamp marked way below retail at 49!
a bird she had to have for a crazy 9.99!
and of course i picked up baskets... to hold anything & everything!
oh and... warm fuzzy pink blankets for snuggles... 7.99 each.

i think it's fun!
a good start.
and they're all pieces that can grow with us through all the moving!

the girls covered the place in their art too!
it certainly brought color and life into the space!

while we were there the girls and i also got to go see ovo cirque du soleil.
felt lucky the big top was erected while we were there...
and that daddy had gotten us tickets!
felt bad... he had to leave town for a while while we were there and couldn't go.
the show was SO great!
jaw dropping... how do they do that... and VERY cute!
great for kids!
they laaaaaaaaghed!

we were able to see a few friends... which was so good for my soul!
missed getting to see lots more.
and missed getting into town to see family.
holding onto the hope though that we will be back really soon!

i was able to see our initial house sketch too!
pretty fun!
yes... there are changes to be made but... it sure is neat to have a start!
a step foward!
i will admit...
it is all a bit scary.
fun all be it... still scary!
all the things to be considered.
i just keep thinking... step by step and in faith... He'll lead the way!
guide us... and show us.

our last morning there was very relaxed and pretty quiet.
i think we were all trying hard to squeeze out every last drop.
it was a bit tough too...
the saying goodbye part.
i sure don't like seeing them sad!

once on the plane and on our way... they were all good.
excited to see their friends in wyoming... get back to school...
and the sweet flight attendant that brought piggy her own cup tea...
that sure helped!

you know... it has been hard... all of us being in this limbo stage... and apart...
i have to be honest.
five minute phone calls at night...
some days i feel like i might pop if i don't get a break...
the not knowing how things will pan out...
but... BIG but (no not mine... we won't go there)...
i can not help but feel SO lucky.
for our safety... the roof over our heads... the gifts.

and though spring break flew by... the real spring is only five days away!
can you believe!
i am SO looking forward to seing some sprouting green!
bursting from the ground!
coming out to say hi!
just a simple blade of grass even.
that lively color has been missed!
soon oh soon!
with spring at our heals... what are you looking forward to most?