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rodeo fun

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i've been away so long... you'd think we got lost at the rodeo or something.
we sure did have lots of fun though...
and could have stood to be lost there a bit longer.

the pig races were great!
their little squeals... ohhhhhh so cute... you just wanted to hug 'em.
the girls got quite a big kick out of them!
and even got to hold a baby piglet!

lots of animals of course!
around every corner... something else fun to see!

or ride!

thinking now i wished i would have asked to take a ride!  darn!

of course we couldn't pass up face painting!

they were giddy about their new looks!
and i have to say... oh so cute!

they did some gem mining.

and some spinning too!

they said this was one of their favorite things!
making their way through the fun maze!

riley even decided to do a little mutton bustin'!
she is something else!
little spit fire!
she didn't even know what it was... hadn't even seen anyone do it...
just knew she wanted to ride a sheep!

before we knew it... it was time for the concert.
and for mama to embarrass them.
when tim mcgraw says "stand up and put your hands together"...
i do just that!
not to mention...
it was one of my very favorite country songs... indian outlaw!
campbell told me later... when she saw me jump up...
she thought i was going crazy... thought i had lost my mind!   ha!  :O)

and but of course...
the day would not be complete without a carnival stuffed animal on our way out!

it was a full day!
of fun!
and BIG smiles!
we can't wait for next year!