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team-up thursday

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{ celebration }

and it looks like we're all ready for the party!
ready to celebrate a year of dyptich fun!
team-up thursday has continued to bring my partner jenn and me big smiles.
i sure look forward to our wednesday night email hoopla!
almost always involves me laughing out loud.
and smiling from ear to ear.
all i know... jenn sure is fun!

big hugs and a big thank you to our fearless leaders... melody and megan.
thanks for bringing us inspiration and leading the way.
and congratulations on 52 weeks... the first full year... of "dipping" goodness!
have you joined in yet?
do you like to take pictures too?
give them shout... and why not join in.

i bet the cupcakes were yummy jenn!
and i do say...
loving your little yellow polka dot bowl peeking out there.

when i took my photo i also had in mind...
how really all of our days should be a celebration.
how each day under foot is a gift.
a pretty gift all wrapped and placed in our hands.
for us to open!
no matter how simple...
how crazy busy...
or even how mundane our day before us may seem...
it's certainly one to celebrate!