brown eyed fox

cold yet warm

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we had the prettiest snow fall last night!
i was a tidge excited!
no... really excited!
it was that good fluffy kind of snow too.
with us... eventually... making the move to houston... i am game for lots more too.
waking up to snow covered roofs and antelope hoof prints in the snow...
will be missed.

it's a good thing i have come to love shoveling.
there is something theraputic about it i think. 
it's usually really still and quiet...
and all you hear are the sounds of your breath & shovel.
and every so often saying outloud... "wow this is a lot of snow".  :O)
besides it's some great exercise too.
we did have a knight in shining armor on four wheeler
come by and plow our driveway.
not sure which awesome neighbor it was this time but... thank you SO much!
you really are something else!
really appreciate everyone looking out for us... especially during this transition.

and speaking of transition...
not a lot of news to report on the home front.
things are good... all positives... just a waiting game now.

todd did meet with another builder yesterday and felt really good about him.
our first thing though... next morsel on the plate...
is to get a design/plan under way.
we're looking at about sixty to ninety days before we can break ground.
give or take.
God knows we can not hold onto this house here too so...
we are praying that our buyer is in the works.
all the details are in His hands.

the good thing...
we had three market analysis done prior to listing so...
we know we are priced right...
we know what our competition is...
and we know that we have lived in a great home.
just waiting for that family... like us...
that will walk in and know this house is for them.

and even though we are comfy here... things are great at school...
we're surrounded by super people... we do all want to be together.
running this house wonder woman style week in and week out...
takes a toll on a gal... well it does me at least.
i am SO grateful... SO blessed... SO lucky... and SO human!

the sun is shining crazy bright today!
it's pretty cold... like ten degrees but... the sun has a way of warming things up.
she's shining light... warmth and hope all around today.

i do pray she is shining upon you too.
lifting & cheering you along!