brown eyed fox

team-up thursday

capturingcarissa fox1 Comment

{ behind }

she looks like she is scoping out the troops doesn't she?
how funny.
loving that coincidence.
and i really like that bald guy in the mix there... he's my favorite.  :O)

jenn and her family have been in the house for three days straight now...
with school being canceled. 
i can only imagine all the troops being assembled...
all fun going on behind the scenes there!

like campbell... i too love having my eye behind a kaleidoscope.
all that pretty color and pattern... all the possible shapes.

thanks megan and melody... we sure look forward to our thursday pairing.

hard to believe this week is almost behind us...
that it's already thursday!
we are rolling right on into the weekend.
here's to making the most of getting ahead today...
so maybe we can have a little "behind" time this weekend.  :O)