brown eyed fox

bye february

carissa fox4 Comments

amazing that it is the last day of the month.
that... how can it be... we are rolling into march!

we had quite the cold & windy weekend...
and today we are expected to see 50 mph winds again.
nuts i tell you!
i think it's time we raise our little white flags!  and high!
yesterday was SO great though!
it was still just below freezing but... the sun was out... and BIG...
and there was NO wind!
i literally sat outside in a chair while talking on the phone... just to feel the sun!
and even though the snow around us will melt this week...
in our warmer temperatures... i shoveled snow for hours... just for the fun of it!
JUST to be outside!
come on March!
and while you're leaving February... take the wind with you!

loving the fact that spring break is just about here!
have you got plans?
heading anywhere?
get to spend some time doing something you love?

even though...
the to-do list is long...
and it's monday... a day known to bring a bit of crazy...
it's the last day of february!
and we now get to welcome march!

i will be one to say... i am ready!
all too eager to move onto all the good... i KNOW... spring will bring!
i admit... i need it.
need the good to shine... show it's face... unravel from it's cocoon.

so here's to it yall... our last chance to hug february.