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so not exciting

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my life is so exciting right now!  
i hardly know where to even begin!

i washed away my gray the other day.
nutmeg... natural instincts number 28.
last night... i KNOW i saw a couple gray peeking through!
how is that?
stubborn things do not want to be tamed!

the wind is quite it's usual crazy lately.
so much so that it's making for cooped up days inside.
today looks like it might be a bit calmer... this is GOOD!

the preliminary sketch on our house should be done this week... maybe next.
the rough sketch.
i have to say... i can't WAIT to see it!
 even though we are in the first baby steps... we're stepping...
and now that... yes that... it is very exciting!

thank you for thinking of lil bit!
little button had a good day yesterday!
no calls from school...
and other than a REALLY tough morning GETTING her there...
oh pull my heart out and stomp on it hard...
she was great when i picked them up.

we had on offer on our house.
unfortunately with a contingency in the offer we were unable to take it.
with our relocation company being the official "owners" once we accept an offer... 
we have certain limitations... things we have to consider.
once we accept an offer... they take over... they own the house until closing.
frankly i don't blame the buyers for not wanting to remove the contingency...
that's tough... you just never know.
maybe once they close on their house (that is under contract)... we'll see.
oh this "home on the market" silly waiting game we're in.
all positives when we have showings... all good feedback...
just no one... as of yet... that can move on it right away.
ever faithful though that this waiting game is all in the right timing...
all part of the grand plan.

off to run errands... get the girlies to school... get this day rolling!
aren't you glad you tuned in today?

hoping you have some exciting things in your day...
then i can live vicariously through you!