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quiet girls weekend

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with the snow falling heavy...
we had one of those game playing... movie watching... chit chatting... relaxing...
kind of weekends.

we did make a drive about town for the fun of it.
grabbed some lunch and then headed back...
i had a hard time seeing through the falling snow.

i will admit... i put on an extra long movie for the girls downstairs...
so i could watch titanic friday night.
i always get so lost in that movie... the mushy romance sucks me in every time!

the girls must have drawn... colored... doodled...
their way through an entire ream of paper.
lil bit and i hung out lots... had lots of snuggle time.
she was my official side kick.
while i was working on new house stuff...
she sipped on hot cocoa.... i had hot tea...
and we chatted.
she would like her room in the new house to be blue... green... white and black.
alrighty then!

lil bit's been having a rough go at things lately.
been a bit sad... not herself.
she's cried at school even.
we've been trying to put a finger on why... what exactly is going on...
been talking to her lots.
we can't seem to get a solid reason.
bless her heart.
she's our tough cookie too... rolls with things like a champ.
praying God wraps His arms extra tight around her.
lifts her spirits and mends her sadness.
her light is so bright... even one day that it is dim... is just too much.

hope you get to enjoy the last day of the long weekend...
doing just what you love.
after our teacher conferences... we're going to make the most too.