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in my blabbering chair

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so when we made our quick trip to houston...
we did have some important requests from the little chickadees.
sonic slushies... chick-fil-a nuggets... and mexican food.
i am happy to report... we squeezed it all in!
you should have seen them... in their sheer joy.
i do love that those little things bring them such big smiles!
you should have seen MY smile over mexican food!
i must have been in some serious withdrawl!

on our trip we did some house & lot searching too.
we found a lot we really like... feel good about... hope it all works out.

now that the girls and i are back in wyoming...
things are feeling very familiar.
like i have sat in this exact same chair before.
i have.
and i do not like this chair!
it's lumpy... three legged... and all i want to do is jump out of it.

just last night on the phone... as i burst into unexpected tears...
my husband reminded me... that we've done this before.
we've been right here.
and we can do this!
he reminded me that this is exactly how i felt last time
we were in moving limbo land.
and things worked out just fine.

i am feeling so emotional!
and this time it's not my crazy hormones.
hope it's okay that i air out my vents yall... i am just keeping things real.

doing my best to not allow the circumstances to get me down.
all this having one foot in texas and the other in wyoming.
having half our family there... half here.
for pete's sake...
when i look at the facts... everything is great!
we're healthy... safe... we WILL be together.
i should not even open my mouth to a complaint... allow it to take root.
i know better... know it's nonsense.
just trying to explain that to my heart right now.

i think i am such a "planner".
my personality is such that i like to know what's in store.
how things will play out.
i don't do limbo land very well darnit.
i'm all for adventure once i know the tour schedule... you know?

so yesterday... on a trip to the grocery... these caught my eye.
that's forsythia i thought!
i remember those from when we lived in ohio.
i loved them so much.
it was always a bright and bold welcome sight of spring.
i quickly grabbed a bunch for my cart.

thinking they might also remind me... in their "pre-bloom" stage...
that even though things seem a bit tenative...
i might be frustrated by the current wobbly three legged chair...
things DO have a way of working out.
when the time is right.
those blooms will show their face.