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stinky bug

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lil bit has that silly barking croup.
poor thing... it wore her out last night.
they called yesterday from school... which never happens... the girls love being there.
she did not have a fever though so i asked her to give the rest of the day a whirl.
she did.
she is such a trooper.
she was tired when she got home so...
i made her a little nest in my bed and she played for a little bit on the computer.
well... she certainly is not herself this morning.
some stinky virus got her.
came on so fast.
bless her heart...
she felt it yesterday... it just wasn't fully there for the rest of us to see.
can i just say... i feel terrible!
and now this morning she has a fever!
again... i feel terrible!

i was JUST telling a friend yesterday we've escaped the whole bug thing this season.
i suppose i forgot to knock on wood.

mad at myself right now too because i have no "electrolyte" anything in this house.
just when we need it.
i'll be that lady carrying her daughter... who's in her robe & jammies...
through the store this morning.

the good thing...
daddy will be arriving at the airport this afternoon.
he'll be happy to get lots of snuggle time in with lil bit.
i'm just hoping this is a quick thing... she bounces right back...
that we kick this bug to the curb!

we have an open house on sunday...
not too confident that open houses bring serious buyers but...
ya never know... we had a great response last time...
and God may just send the perfect family through the front door this weekend.
i love how He does great things like that.

oh gosh......... bucket time!

wishing yall a happy... healthy... full of valentine love... weekend!