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happy new year

celebratingcarissa fox4 Comments

we feel so blessed to get to attend a very special wedding tonight.
one of the neatest twenty somethings i know.
he radiates happy!
one of those people you can't help but smile when they're around.
a mighty man of God... ready & eager to take on the next chapter in his life.
we're so happy for him and his fiance.
i tell ya... he is head over heels too!
and in just hours they'll be husband & wife!

what a great night to celebrate!
so much to celebrate!
new marriage.
new life.
new year.
new beginnings.
so exciting!
i am aLL too ready to rip off that last calendar page...
revealing the new... fresh... and promising year!
oh my word.

such a neat time.
we have no idea what tomorrow holds.
what will unfold in the new year.
but it sure feels good to have the spark of new in the air.
that gut level fresh hope.
where anything is possible really.
i love that!

i also love that He's got our year ahead staked... plotted... and planned already.
we can hang up our hats of worry & doubt.
because one thing's for sure... whatever it is... how it will all unfold...
He's got something bigger & better than we can even fathom.

thinking it's a good night to don the party shoes... for sure!
 celebrate our many blessings & toast for all the good to come!

wishing you a sAfE... hAppY... fUn filled celebration tOO!
 ♥ + hugs + new year wishes