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wrap low down

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i've received many messages about the wrap and such... thAnKs yall!
so i thought i'd squeeze in a quick post before we roll out of december.

i got all the... ever so fluffy & soft... yarn at hobby lobby.
they have oodles.
all different colors.. textures... thickness.
i just look for the colors i fancy.
really like the wispy variety!

and i really love how you get oodles in each roll!
that way you can use lots.
as much as you want really... there's sO much of it!
wrap... wrap... and wrap... all ways... all directions... to your hearts content.

i just love the "soft" dimension yarn gives.
sOmething about it. 

there are sO many great sites that offer labels... goodness...
just searching custom labels on etsy brings up crazy good choices.

i've been printing my own labels for years.
i think it just became easy since i think of things so last minute.  :O)
there are many programs out there...
have used/use several.
but one of the programs i like... one i reach for often... because it's so simple...
the avery design pro.
it's a free download btw.
and they have a mac version too!  :O)

you can find their labels at just about any office supply store...
and there are loads of sizes & options.
i rEaLLy like using the round ones!

i had some square ones on hand...
so i just plugged in the code into the program...
and the template was all ready to go.
just needed to plug in the text & image.

you can use photos... love doing that... sort of like a reverse "watermark"...
you know... adjusting the "opacity" level.
by using the photo at a low level... you can then just add/layer the text on top.
i found... all be it not great... an example in a past post here.
works great for birthday "from" tags too.
all those birthday parties that spring up over the school year.
i use the business card size like a crazy lady.
punch a hole... ya got a tag!  :O)

oh... and the ubber cute "word" tags... i got those here.
oh my word... love that site! 

the fox was just a teeny tiny collage i had made last year at some point...
used it last year too.
scanned in the computer... it works just like a photo.

it is so simple! 

and if all else fails...
i think my favorite idea of all...
markers... pencils... or any 'ol color you have around.

on kraft wrapping paper... it's like a blank canvas!
oh the crazy possibilities!
oh the fun!

and i think that's a wrap.  :O)

i can imagine i am forgetting something.
if so... or want more clarification... by all means... just holler!