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we've never left home for christmas... this was a first.
loading up the sleigh with all that's required was quite the feat....
but we did it!
we made our way to bulverde... kerrville... and even a quick stop in new braunfels.

made sure to bring the remaining countdown bags... didn't want to miss that.

btw... do your kids fight over the "back" seats too?
good gravy... it's the hot spot. 

the girl's nonny.

my sister julie.

and don't even get me started on the gun thing.
that would be her new pink bb.

my aunt tio clipped some pretties from the yard to make the tables festive.
campbell had a ball helping. 

riley read the night before christmas for all of us... on the night before.
such a treat! 

tio also started showing campbell how to crochet.
oh my goodness... caught the bug... she was lOving it! 

we did the traditional eve gift... jammies... of course.

lil bit brought her reindeer food too. 

pretty neat... since obviously we didn't have our stockings...
the girls got to use ours... from when my sister and i were kids.

socks were quite the hit with this one!

it seemed like each day flew by.
this christmas was such a flash.
i know it feels like that every... but no doubt... this was the fastest!

i am glad there was lots of time to visit though.
down time to just be together.
play cards.
enjoy wine & way too much food.
sleep in.
stay up late.
be silly.
watch the kid's skits.

sibs... my mama and uncle hut.

and what a gift... my hubby even did dishes.
he knows i'm teasing!
although i might just frame these pics!

we celebrated my hubby... todd's birthday... christmas eve.
family in indiana face-timed to give wishes too.

as then...
as if we had just unloaded... hopped out of the car...
we were loading up... hopping back in... to head out.

it was a blessing.
to get to freely celebrate our savior's birthday.
be able to give gifts.
travel near to be with the ones we love.
gather memories to be cherished.