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had to have it... tuesday

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twice now i've gathered the wrap & fluff...
even had a sweet eager helper last night...
but somehow i still only have a handful done.
i get going and then get pulled away... side tracked.
then last night... i was simply exhausted!
couldn't even keep my eyes open.
past it... done... kaput.
could not get my jammies on fast enough.
i have a feeling you know exActly what i mean!
tonight is the night though... must. get. it. done.
have to...
we leave tomorrow... with all those packages in tow!

thrilled to say... i hAvE finished all the shopping.
aside from running to the grocery... the buying is done!
whooo hooooo!
what a feeling!
what about you?
are you too done?

i can imagine i will still have those... "oh i could still get that" thoughts.
always do!
i often fall into that "is it enough"... "did i get the right thing" mindset.
"maybe i could just add a little something else". 
 reminding myself it's nOt about the gift or that thiNg i think i need to add.
the gifts are just for fun.

really looking forward to tonight!
school will be out for the girls...
parties done...
the "here" the "there"...
the "gotta do's" over...
we can stay up... sipping on cocoa... getting all that fun wrapped & tagged.

mostly... looking forward to just being done with all the "rush".
or what feels rushed.
being able to just enjoy the season.
embrace it with both hands.
you know?

oh how i love the peace of the season.
that feeling... tangible to the heart... that settles deep in your belly.
there is simply nothing else like it.
a treasure we can't buy or wrap... without a doubt...
 one thing i look forward to the most.

 hoping... for sure... that feeling hits your belly soon too.
on this had to have tuesday... above all... i think it's something we all need!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

and before i shoo...
the winner (random generated) from last week's had to have it...

i love them all, but if i had to pick just one i'd pick the aqua. pretty, pretty, pretty!!
i like you on facebook.

and just because... i wanted more of you to win...
really wish i could send them to all...
i drew another name...

I love the turquiose.
I already "like" you on facebook.
Unregistered Commenterjennifer

yeah two winners!
heather aNd jennifer!
if you'd do me a favor please...
give me a shout out here... with your addy...
i'll get your package headed your way.

thanks sO much yall!
all of you!
for playing...
joining in!
thanks for the thumbs up.
thanks for making me smile.