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ten days left...

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and that's counting today!
oh my!

i want to hear more christmas music!
i need to drink more spiced cider.
why in the world is it almost 80˚ outside!
that last ten percent of to do's/to gets... is always the toughest!
like walking on a treadmill... with no stop button.
can't wait to start wrapping... almOst there.
love this part!
i ate too many red velvet cake balls yesterday!
they were sooooo good though!
if there were any left... i'd eat more!
i miss having our wooden smokers going.
i miss having our stockings hung by the fire.
i bought myself some jammies yesterday.
at target... have you seen them?
they are sO soft... butter... can't wait!
will wrap 'em up and let the hubby give 'em to me for christmas.
i couldn't wait... the inside... not so soft... so jury still out.
i'm super picky about "butter" soft!
is it just me...
or does it feel like there are so many emails to return we'll never catch up?
the devil keeps trying to throw kinks in the way of our house build...
i want him to know... he will never win.
almighty God has it all covered... has it all worked out!
he might as well back off.
can't wait to see the girl's faces christmas morning.
that joy that is so raw... on a day that is so specia!
i am soooo excited for what the new year holds... i can hardly stand it!
just a few... utteRly random... flying thoughts.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

thinking it's a get to jingling kind of day...
better kick things in high gear so there's time left to sit back... soak in & enjoy.