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our thanksgiving...

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well... november came... and went!

this year... we all headed to Goliad... all 38 of us... for our annual gathering.
it was good to the last drop.
every bit of it! 

the food... once again... too good for words.
wish i would have had more.
it's only once a year for goodness sakes! 

i laughed when i uploaded these pics... look two pinocchio's.


those rising rolls... they smelled sO good... and they melted in your mouth!

lots of games.

my step-dad... aka granpapa.

my hubby... and my uncle hut.


lots of laughing.
and actually my cousin tyler took those last four pics...
and some how managed to not get in one shot.
speaking of.. there are a few other special people that were missed too.
darn it.
next year... you better watch out!  :O) 

some of us got to take naps. 

lots of silly.
that's my cute cousin libbye! 

my sister julie & i.
i know... a little too close... but we tried to take it ourselves.

my mama... and second cousin.

my uncle newton...
and some of us hogging the yummo dip & hOmemAde chips my cousin made.
ridiculously good!

another neat thing... since we were in Goliad...
we got to go to the Presidio... where todd & i were married thirteen years ago. 

it's still gives me chills.
the history & beauty... are something else.
i need to do a post about Goliad all on it's own one day...
what i will say...
if you live in Texas... the re-enactment every March... is amazing.
an experience you'll never forget. 

pam and i loved the yellow "growing" on the doors.
pics just can't do it justice. 

making her plan in the dirt.

so much fun seeing it all again.
we had the best tour guide too... of course... thanks uncle newton.
what a treat it was!

and one more thing...
yes i let her pic two...
off someone eLse's tree. 

they were right outside the inn we were staying...
and looked ripe & fresh for the pickens.  :O)

the inn... really an 1800's house recently fixed up... was too cute!
we loved everything about it.
yep... pretty much everything.

this was a neat cellar where she added a grate on the floor so you could see down into it too.
forgot to get a pic of the gate to it... it was cool!
and don't have one of the upstairs.
the beds were scrumptious...
jump up & plop yourself in yummy... kind.

getting to see everyone... visit... just bE together... was simply awesome!
like i said... to the last drop.

before we knew it though... we all had to say goodbye.

and somehow tomorrow is december?!
someone slap me!

hope your november... your thanksgiving... was special too!
just think of all the fun december has in store!