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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox8 Comments

our apartment is like a dungeon.
in oh so many ways... one thing that had to be helped a bit though...
the darn lighting!
i'm all for cozy... but it is down right dark in this place.
not going to fix the problem... but...
these lamps sure will bring a bit of... all be it artificial... light into the space.

and i got a great deal!
i lOvE a good deal!
i spotted them at homegoods!
my goodness... that place never disappoints does it.

when i took a closer look though i noticed that one of the shades was crushed.
bad enough that it was cracked... dented in... and for sure would have to be replaced.
they were already an "in the cart" type of thing... buuuuuut...
it never hurts to ask.

took 'em up to check out...
and asked the guy behind the counter if he thought they'd come off at all.
i explained one lamp was great... just the other...
wondered if they would be willing to take off a bit for the shade.
even told him i was going to buy them regardless... but....... it didn't hurt to ask.
he get's on the intercom to call a manager...
oh gosh... i thought "shoot... i shouldn't have asked"...
i didn't want a scene... to make a fuss.

would you believe...
she not only gave me a discount on the crushed one... she marked down both!
more than 35%!
marked them down to 25. each.

the intercom call was worth it!
i lOvE a good deal!

and i think they're kind of Jonathan Adler... ish!
oh how i lOvE his designs!
fresh... fun... a bit funky... love their pattern too.

one of those had to have 'em... and "whoop whoop" even got a gReAt deal too... finds!

thanks for peeking in... stopping by!
hope today has yOu having a fresh & funky kind of dAY too!