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the lady dancing in her car

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no doubt that it will be great once in the house... we'll be able to walk to school...
right now... i sure am enjoying the drive in the mornings.
glad to say... so far... we have no tardy slips... even given our commute.

the drive back is relaxing AND rejuvenating... all in one!
somehow it does that.
helps me get my thoughts together. 

and it's crazy all the animals i see!
horses... loads of 'em...
wow the cows...
brahma bulls...
donkeys... the miniature variety too...
and my favorite... longhorns.
all on the drive.
lOvE that!

and like this morning... when this song comes on...
i find myself grooving in the car... like i think i'm jagger himself.
makes me dance eVeRy time!
i tell ya... it's a catchy tune isn't it?

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and this GEM... confident i could listen to it all day.
she is simply amazing!

i ordered some supplies.
i did!
i have no idea what i was thinking when we moved..
the entire "shop" went into storage.
i've had no tools... no materials... nada... to work with.
just didn't plan or expect the build process... oh it's been a doozy... to take so long.
i certainly will not be purchasing/replacing everything... just some things.
enough to give it a whirl.
knowing i don't have room here... a space... to really spread out and create...
i'm just eager to figure out sOmEthing.
it's going to take some time i think.
to get the "hang of it" again.
i am so rusty!
i know though once i get my feet wet... it'll be good.
at least that's what i'm hoping.

my eldest is making it into the double digits tomorrow... i can nOt believe it.
i mean really!
they grow at a rate that makes the heart gasp.
don't they?!
and my heart is a gasping!!!

anywho... off to run errands again... the list is to the toes.

hoping today has you grooving it up a bit too!
♥ + hugs