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had to have it... tuesday

had to have it tuesdaycarissa fox34 Comments

i have a thing... crazy one... for pretty paper.
it grabs my attention every time!
makes me look... ha... mAkEs me!

i really love bold graphic prints too.
they tickle my fancy.
inspire me!
and in some crazy way... they make me smile.
yes... a design can bring me smiles.... big ones.

while searching for printer paper the other day at bullseye boutique...
i went the long way around and walked down the "pretty paper" isle.
these notecards leaped out at me!
they tackled me to the ground and said "these are so YOU"! 


i think i could put this pattern on a big wall in the house... and never get tired of it!
i absolutely lOvE it!
colors & all! 

because i love these designs so much...
and for the fun of it...
whY nOt...
i grabbed two sets!
one for YOU... and another for YOU!
it would bring me big smiles to send them your way!

just drop a "hi" in the comments below...
maybe tell me which pattern strikes yOuR fancy...
and i'll draw two random winners next week!

we can always use fun & bold notecards!
oh...... just thought... these would be so neat framed too!

hope today has you smiling... big or small... any kind is gOOd!
+ hugs