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team up thursday

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with the new year before us... what a better theme than NEW.
great idea melody & megan!

when i saw my diptych partner jenn's photo i instantly fell in love.
look at him... all packed... ready for the new adventure ahead!
i love that.
reminds me to put one foot in front of the other and march on.
take on the day with that high stepping determination.

my shot... i can not tell a lie... i dug it out of the archives.
it's from last year but... i think it works and it jumped out at me.
i love when light comes streaming in the windows.
stirring us... waking us... nudging us... to take on the new day.

with 2011 before us there really is a whole set of "NEW" isn't there?
new challenges...
new mountains to climb...
new changes...
new steps each & every day.

i am certain this year will have some changes... certain... lots of new to face.
i think the key will be facing them...
and facing them with that high stepping determination...
& gung-ho spirit that lives within us!
there are new heights... new possibilities... new triumphs TO BE HAD!