brown eyed fox

flying home

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it felt like that.
like we were home.
and yet...
as we made it back to wyoming yesterday it felt like that too.

the girls and i loaded up and headed down to houston this last weekend.
it was a quick... initial... see what we might find... trip.
and boy howdy did it fly by.
more on where things stand... what's up... later.

i have to say though...
the unseasonably warm seventy degree temps in houston were quite the surprise.
it was neat... a nice defrosting of sorts... and just what we needed.
especially considering we were heading back to...
um... i think our high is 6 degrees today... eeks!
and tonight a balmy 21 degrees below zero.
like i always say... "thank you Jesus for our roof & our fire... thank you"!

hoping you too are staying warm and that your week kicks off just so...
just like you and your heart need!