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inner peace

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good morning!
did you have a relaxing weekend... soak up all that simple goodness?

i think we were successful.
the girls and i did simple in style.

a sleepover added one more to our clan on friday night.
there were lots of giggles and i love that they included lil bit in on their fun.

we went to a fun birthday party...
where balloon hats & animals ruled.
the kids were all smiles.

we painted purple and pink toes...
and played hair salon.
ya should have seen my hair!

made big bowls of yummy popcorn...
snuggled in for a movie...
while the snow fell outside.

took turns being the excercise leader.
this was lil bit's turn.
she loves to act like master shifu from kung fu panda...
"inner peace... in... in... in... innner peace".

watched hoarders... they had a marathon...
lil bit and i can't get enough of that show.

we daydreamed...
shared our ideas and thoughts on this adventure back to texas.

we played house with petshops.
i was a giraffe.
i always have a hard time with this... why i have no idea but...
my imagination must not be near as good as theirs.

we missed daddy.

as relaxed as our weekend was... it sure went by fast!

with my second cup of joe in hand... i am ready to tackle monday.
excited about the new week.
what's planned.
what's not planned but... might just happen.
all that can unfold!

hoping your monday smiles upon you too.