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team up thursday

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{ black and white }

i am so glad i have a partner who gets that i'm a nut.
that plays with me no matter how totally unprepared i am.
jenn... you're the best.

 i am crazy for her capture this week.
the depth... the feel... the fun.
like we're sitting there in her audience about to hear something pretty.
love it!

so i had nothing for team up.
and for the life of me my head could not even focus.
not a whisper of creativity in me.
when... i had run outside to grab something...
once done... about to pop off my boots to walk inside......
i see black and white... right there...
on my feet!
my trusty black wellies and the fresh white snow.
why not!
simple enough.
plus... i thought it was neat the scene was already black & white... all on it's on.
kind of fun.

i love how sometimes we looooook and looooook...
and looooook...
when if we would just take a step back...
not force it...
we might notice something we hadn't before.