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a few q & a...

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 i had mentioned... i think... last week to throw me your questions...
thAnKs yall... let's see if i can answer them right...
and of course let me know if i have left your question out!
What brand and color paint did you use on the coffee table you painted, forever ago? 
I love it!
Love the pictures you take! SO fun!

i wasn't sure which table and since i've had questions on both...
the blue is Behr "cloudless".
i used it on the table downstairs & the table in the art room.
the green is Behr "grass cloth".
i used it on table upstairs & the door headboard.
both semi-gloss.

I would love a picture of your hair from the back!
Does that sound crazy?
It just looks so good-
I'm contemplating shorter but don't know how to describe what I want!

you KNOW i love you when i take a picture of the back of my head!
especially when i am in serious need of a cut!
last time i went in for my cut... i told her for winter i felt like growing it out a bit...
why in the world i do that i'll never know... i always end up cutting it again!
so currently it is a big "long".
i really prefer for the back to be shorter than the front... at an angle...
i say prefer... no... it is a must... as you can see i am in need of a cut...
the back is getting awfully close to the front.  :O)
i can imagine i am not helping much on the this... sorry!
but i always say "go for it"... the fresh change is fun & you can always grow it out.

 i love your house! any more photos from around the house?and examples of your organization... 
you know, the day to day things. 
that would be great!

LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog, Carissa!! 
You have such great SPECIFIC style. 
I have MANY questions, but here are the biggies:
are you a trained artist, designer, etc.? 
Do you work as an interior designer? 
And, totally selfishly, I would LOVE a "tour" of your house. 
Not the amazing artsy snaps you include in your blog like the
"Be" and "GO" shots, 
but some full on pics of your living space so I can steal some of your fanastic ideas, LOL!! 
You are a very talented lady! 
Oh, and here are some totally superficial questions -
how do you stay so slim and how often do you get your hair cut?? 
Love reading this blog and THANKS for sharing with us.

the second question i thought was my mom!
it was just too nice... it was not my mom so... thank you SO much!
i actually have a new gallery ready to go...
you know like my 365 one over there to the left...
thought it might be fun... i know i LOVE seeing pics of other homes.
just pics in & around our "den"...
just need to start plugging pics in & i'll get it started.

i have never had any formal training in design.
it would fun though i can imagine!
ever since i was little i have always had a thing for all things "home".
i rearrange furniture & things in our home ALL THE TIME.
actually my friend & former neighbor... jill... used to laugh at me.
would think i had bought something new... when i had just rearranged a bit.
i get tired of things fast... need a refresher... so... by changing things out...
moving things around... to me it seems fresh... all pretty & somehow new!

thanks by the way... i always love all the questions we get on the house.
i know i have mentioned before...
we've moved lots... lOTS...
so even though the houses themselves may not be... "us"...
i think the style/the things we have around us in our home reflect "us".
well... most... some things need a changing!  :O)
we hope to one day build a home that reflects us from the floors to the ceilings...
and all the finishes in between... awe... one day!
oh... and i like to go in for a trim every six weeks.  :O)

I had asked where you purchased your original camera strap...
My boring NIKON strap needs to be jazzed up a little!

this questions pops up every so often...
oh.. how i love my strap!
i got it HERE at MOD.
they have lots of fun patterns & other camera accessories too!


Where did you get the rug that's under your awesome boots?

Love your boots!! Please share name/where you got them. Thanks!

oh... that striped rug... how i love it so!
it is FLOR... and i want MORE flor!
we purchased our first set of squares last year... i mentioned it here.
i have since purchased more & am hoping to put it in our living room upstairs too.
it is SO great!
i have taken a square before that got all muddy...
right over to the sink...
rinsed it... like they say you can...
let it dry... popped it right back in place...
it is genius!
and seriously... ALL the choices they have!  LOVE!
we have the regatta stripe in ginger.

my beloved boots... that i have worn so much i need to have them resoled.
they are LUCCHESE!
the exact ones i have... are 1883... these... are like BUTTER!
like putting on a pair of your favorite tennies... just more fun & much cuter!
i have had this same pair since 2006.
they were my birthday present that year... the moment i tried them on... the birds began to sing!
knew we'd make a great team!

where can i find the cuff you are wearing in your picture?

right now... unfortunately the are sold out!
there are still a few favorite "wear it" pieces in the shop.
because i have had lots of inquiries about that cuff & others...
i think they are fun too :O)...
i will be making more!
wish i could give you an exact date but...
i can certainly keep you posted... if you'd like.
for those of you that have asked...
or those of you that have pieces...
i would LOVE to know... please... what are your favorites?
Okay does this really work?! I'll have to make some tweaks to our system.
Do you just put it in the folder or is it hole punched and then put in the rings?
Love the idea and love the idea of having some fun paper on the front to make me feel happy when dealing with all the paper that makes me NUTS!

i had posted before about the notebook "system" i was using.
i forgot to show an inside pic.... or clarify.
 i tried folders first but... for me i just didn't care for them... why ?...
i have no idea... my memory isnt that good. :O)
i can imagine there are lots of folder/notebook options out there...
just a personal preference... so many would great.
the "system" itself... having a spot for it all... yes!... has worked GREAT!
i got notebooks that have two slots on each side.
i have not punched holes... used it that way yet but...
thinking about it... that would be great for those monthly schedules...
things that might stay in there longer... you know?

i think i answered a few!
thanks yall!
by all means... shout out if i left one out... i certainly do not mean to... or...
if you have one... please...
i'll just do a few more q & a!  :O)

wait... why the picture of the cow carissa?
no reason really... i just thought she was cute... maybe you'd think so too! :O)