brown eyed fox

three generations in the house

capturingcarissa fox9 Comments

we've had special company in our home for the last few days.
granmama and granpapa... aka my mama & stepdad...
all the way from the texas hill country.
to see us!

it has been SO great.
the girls have loved every minute of it too.

it's been fun waking up & making an extra big pot of coffee...
knowing someone else would be sipping too.
the best i tell you.

this morning after we were dressed...
ready to head out...
my mama & i walked out and looked at each other and just laughed.
both of us in jeans... a black blouse...
and our yellow purses... the same shade of yellow to boot.
our great minds thinking alike!

it sure won't be fun when they have to leave tomorrow but...
for right now we are enjoying this time.
and hoping that times slows down a bit.

happy tuesday yall!