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team-up thursday

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{ small }

i am SO happy to be dipping with my diptych partner again!
miss jenn has been on the move...
she & her family have been relocating to a new state!
any guesses what state?
no not wyoming... i wish... just as good though.
they're in texas!
i know texans will embrace them... and BIG!

we were both eager to play along this week over at team up thursday.
it has been SO long since i have been able to peek in on all the teams.
too long!
i have lots of blog catching up to do!

melody & megan... our fearless team-up leaders...
chose {small} for their theme this week... so we decided to join in.

i am thinking campbell's small friend would like a bowl of jenn's cornflakes!
those small vintage foods are too fun jenn!
they remind me of something special you'd have in your vintage shop.

it's an interesting thing.
such a perspective word really.
what might be small to one person... may seem big to another.
physically... even emotionally.
i love how as we grow... out of our small...
things that once seemed so big... become small.
i also love how as we grow out of our small...
our love gets bigger... and all those things... even the smallest of things...
become even more special.

here's to all those lovely little things...
small gifts in life...
that make the world a big & special place.