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wednesday's dig

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okay... so last time i told yall about something that makes me nuts...
and oh how it does.
i AM getting better though over the years... really...
i used to be crazy nuts about it.

this post kind of goes hand in hand with the last one
in the sense that this USED to be something that made me nuts.
the stacks & stacks & stacks of paper that enter the house can be mind boggling.
bills... school info... invites... yadda... yadda... you know.
it piles up SO fast.
i am loving this new system.
i say new...
i started it last year but... am happy to say it is still working like a charm!

three simple pocket notebooks.
each girly has a notebook... and there is an "outstanding" notebook too.
all things pending... happening... to be done within that week... are right there.
homework... activity info... forms to be returned... right there in their notebooks.
the "outstanding" is mostly used for household...
and for all those things that come in for the hubby during the week.
once he's home i can grab the notebook & go over all that came up over the week.
so easy!
now obviously there are things that come in that need further filing away...
this just forces me to tackle it right then & there.
if it doesn't make the trash can... it goes in one of the notebooks.
so easy!

once a week... after the new week starts...
it's easy to see what in the notebooks...
from the previous week... can be tossed or filed away.

i tell ya... so simple yet sure makes this nutty mama happy!

and... speaking of happy...
i received some happy in the mail yesterday!
hot off the presses!
shutter sisters's beautiful new book expressive photography!
i will admit...
as much as i wanted to wait for the perfect moment to look through it... 
maybe with a tall glass of red in hand... i peeked...
i did...
and i found myself totally entranced!
i look forward to digging in more... to that beautiful book of happy!

"digging in"...
hmm... that's sounds like a good plan.
for the day.
let's see what kind of happy we can dig up!