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i'm the nut

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who... us?
remember that mess i talked about leaving behind?
well... it grew!
and these two little angels certainly had nothing to do with that!
the downstairs part of our house... oh my word!

i not only "left it behind"... i let it fly!

i wish the girlies were better about self directing themselves...
to pick up after themselves!
the hubby too!
how many times must i ask really?

i would go out on a limb to say this is my biggest complaint.
it's constant!
never stops.
we always have this issue it seems.
i have tried so many different methods... ways... rewards... consequences.
so many!

why can't they just be like me & want everything in it's place?

some days i am better about it not getting to me...
and some days... it makes me flat out nuts!
i don't like mess... at all.
i love it when the girlies are having a ball... enjoying themselves...
that's the good stuff!
they just don't want to clean it up.
where's the responsibility in that?

so tell me...
have you figured out the secret?
something you've seen work in your home?
do tell.
i sure like to eat nuts... just don't like being one!

i did get to play in my space some this weekend...
hence the mess flying in the rest of the house!
and oh it was fun!
i look forward to sharing some pieces that will be on the shelves in the shop... soon!

now... where's that coffee?
cheers to a fresh new week yall... mess or no mess... it'll still be a goody!